Raw Beauty Coconut Oil 2 oz.-Sea Biscuit Del Mar
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Raw Beauty Coconut Oil 2 oz.

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Remember that your skin is your largest organ. Anything on your skin is quickly in your body. Skinny Coconut Oil is the only 100% raw, sustainably-sourced, small batch, chemical-free, preservative-free, never heated, and hand crafted coconut oil in the world. Because of our exclusive patented NutraLock™ system, our coconut oil never gets above 100°F while other coconut oils can be heated up to 350°F. Heat can strip the fruit of its natural beneficial properties. Our oil is also made without any solvents or chemicals during the entire cold-production process. This creates a truly remarkable oil that is 100% raw and natural. Skinny Coconut Oil is unique, there is nothing else like it.  It takes 30% more coconuts to make, it is 100% pure, and in a liquid state it looks as clear as water.  We take a lot of pride in our product and our production process. We are dedicated to making the best coconut oil on planet earth.

Use 1 tsp, massage into your hands and apply to hair, face or body to use as a moisturizer, makeup remover or cleanser.

Skinny Coconut Oil is virgin coconut oil sustainably sourced and handcrafted. Because it's raw, it smells fresh and clean. It stays raw because we use cold air instead of heat to make the oil and unlike other coconut oil companies, we make the oil ourselves - that's how we know it's 100% pure. Chemical-free and all natural coconut oil.

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