Pique Nique Shea Lotion-Sea Biscuit Del Mar

Pique Nique Shea Lotion

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"A picnic by the sea sounds lovely to me." - Mer-Sea & Co.

An afternoon by the sea enjoying company, the sound of surf and the ever present ambiance of a fresh bouquet of flowers is the inspiration for this scent. Jasmine, rose, lily mixed with garden greens followed by coconut, apple and wood round out this fragrant French floral.

Mer|Sea's moisturizing shea butter lotions are perfect for any bathroom or kitchen. The rich lotion is made carefully with nothing but the best ingredients—shea butter, avocado oil, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil and Mer|Sea fragrances. The signature Mer|Sea charm makes them perfect gifts. 8 oz. glass bottles. Never tested on animals.

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