Marble Apatite Bead Bracelet - Gold-Sea Biscuit Del Mar

Marble Apatite Bead Bracelet - Gold

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Blue Apatite is known as a balancing stone. It works to balance energies, emotions, chakras and subtle bodies. It can help one connect to higher levels of spiritual guidance. The stone is known for its gorgeous vibrant blue tones. Each gemstone stone is protected by a bezel. 

Each Brett Lauren bracelet is beautifully handcrafted by lovely women from local residential homeless shelters and recovery houses. In purchasing a bracelet, you are helping empower and employ these women.  

The gemstone beads symbolize women in transition and the bezel setting symbolizes BRETT LAUREN. The stones spin independently, but they are protected by the bezel. The string of linked stones is the community holding us all together. From the women in her studio to you wearing this talisman, we’re all connected and supported by each other.

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